2 common behaviors that  may pass deadly illness to your unborn child


The 40 sensational week’s journey that you will spend with your growing baby during your pregnancy can be thrilling, adventurous and of course full of expectation and excitements. Not to mention the occasional attention and cares you will receive from both friends and strangers. However, your lovely journey could be clouded by  lot of unpleasant side effects like occasional morning sickness, sleeplessness, and your moods being  all over the place. Worse still, you may pass perilous life threatening parasites that may pose a greater risk to your unborn child, or consequently lead to a fatal miscarry. Here are the two common  behaviours that will prediposes you to some of the deadliest parasites ever.

  1. Inappropriate pet keeping


There is no doubt that keeping a pet is quite beneficial for both children and adults. In fact, besides keeping you company , that pet has scientific evidence of keeping you fit and healthy. Additionally, they are believed to accelerate healing, lower your stress and anxiety level not to mention your blood pressure. However, failing to honor veterinary practices on your cat, dog or any other pet that you may have, can have lethal effects to your health and that of your unborn child. For instance, cats are known to carry T. gondii species causing deadly disease called Toxoplasmosis. If you get the infection just before pregnancy or shortly after pregnancy, you have sure likelihood of passing on the infection to your unborn child. Although most infants do not show any signs of infections at birth, the parasite develops all the way to the brain causing mental disability or blindness! In some cases, a child at birth may have a severe eye or brain damage.When keeping pet cat, it is critical to have it regularly check by a vet or dewormed for your worms. Other practices that will leave you and your unborn child safe include;

  • Avoid any contact with cat litter
  • Keep your pet indoor
  • Avoid any interaction with stray cats or getting a new one while pregnant.
  • Always be in gloves when in contact with the soil around your home. Such soils may be contaminated with cat fecal material containing Toxoplasma gondii.
  1. Sleeping without a bed net

Sleeping inside a treated bed net is not just a tedious daily grind but its paramount when it comes to pregnancy. It offers you and your unborn child the best protection you can ever get especially if you are living in a malaria endemic area. And of  course, malaria is no doubt the leading cause of maternal morbidity in the entire world.  Long lasting insecticides treated bed net may offer you a protection of  up to 3 years. In an endemic place like Western Kenya where acquired immunity is high, a mother may be positive for malaria but shown no signs or symptoms of the disease. The problem with such case is that the parasite may be present in the placenta and sooner or later results into maternal anemia.  Anemia is a large contributor of low birth weight, a leading cause of child mortality.

For pregnant women who live in less endemic malaria regions, a slight infection may cause severe anemia, leading to a spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, and low birth weight.   If pregnant, sleeping without a treated bed net should not even cross your mind. Prompt treatment is also critical if you get infected. Now you know. You are always invited for any querry, critic or recomedation.



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