Where can I get a fried Beef??


The holidays are over, and so do the plenty fatty meals, Nyama Chomas, sweet desserts and alcohol. They call it NJanuary, isn’t it? In fact, you could be feeling ready for your normal diet of Ugali and Sukuma wiki. You want to detoxify your body. No more junk! No more yunk! But wait, not that fast. It has been shown that a quick transition from such fatty, oily and sugary foods can be synonymous to sudden drug withdrawal. Yes, you are right, producing similar signs to a drug addict who suddenly stopped taking drugs. foodsfood

According to research done on Lab mice at the University of Montreal, Canada, a sudden withdrawal of a high fat diet to lab mice resulted in symptoms of anxiety and depression.  After subjection to the six-week high-fat diet feeding program, the mice were switched to healthy diet program exhibiting symptoms of anxiety and depression characteristic of sudden drug withdrawal. The investigators argue that the symptoms could have occurred due to changes in the release of brain compounds including that of feel-good hormone dopamine, prompted by the dietary switch. And probably these findings explains why we feel irritated or bored by strict diet program.

So, what now? The dry spell is here: no chance for holiday goodies.it is possible to minimize such food withdrawal effects. Actually, you only require a sound sleep. If you don’t, you will wake up to a body in dire need for sugars. I am not a nutrition expert, but why don’t you follow the simple rules of a healthy diet?

  1. Eat a balanced diet full of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins.
  2. Do not forget to start your morning with a big glass of water.
  3. They say a fruit a day keeps a doctor away, well, you will need plenty of such especially pumpkins seeds. They will aid your body to cope with stress overload from your festive season.
  4. Look for alkaline foods like kales, lemons to balance your body pH and your body sugar level at bay.

Thank me later.



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